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I downloaded your instructions for removing the door speaker from my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire.  The dealer wanted $250.00 to swap out just the one speaker.  You have a great service. Kevin

Thank you for posting removal instructions at your site. I was able to quickly and easily uninstall the stereo in my 2000 Honda Civic and I have never done any type of work like that on my car! Shirley

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great car stereo removal guide. I just purchased your guide for my car and the straight-forward simple steps helped me remove the stereo in about 20 minutes - and all without annihilating my dash and stereo. After removing the in-dash CD changer to determine the issue with it, I removed the disks and cleaned it.  It now works better than when I bought the car. You saved me about a thousand bucks! Again, thanks for the great guide and best of luck with your business. I will definitely recommend your site to everyone I know. Best Regards, Justin Columbia, MO

Just want to thank you for a nice site. $5.00 saved me a lot of trouble in helping my son put some new speakers in his 99 Mustang and it was well worth the price. Keep up the good work. Thanks Again, Dan Independence, OH

Hi folks, I just wanted to write a quick thank you note.  The $4.99 I spent for your information page was the best money I've spent recently.  I consider myself to be very technically savvy and yet the techniques required to remove the stereo from my BMW 5 series completely eluded me. I spent well over an hour searching the web for free info without success. I found your site early in my search but I was reluctant to pay for something I thought I could find for free. It was a foolish waste of time. When I finally smartened up and paid your small fee, your site provided me with EXACTLY what I needed. The detailed description of the removal process along with the high quality photos provided me with all the info I needed to remove the stereo in minutes. I should be able to install my HD radio adapter with no further trouble. Between a fruitless partial disassembly of my dash and the searching of the web for answers, I wasted a solid two hours of my valuable time. Had I gone to your site first and paid your small fee up front, my combined time from sitting down in front of my computer to having the radio removed would have been around twenty minutes. I hope you'll post this so that others can benefit from my mistake. Thanks for a great service! Rob Old Tappan, NJ

I have to tell you how great the instructions were!!! I was able to uninstall, modify, then reinstall everything in less than an hour because of your guidance. I am now listening to my ipod directly through my factory car stereo and loving it! Thanks again. Very satisfied customer, Matt

Dude totally cool, Freakin' cars and Toys intend on charging $55-$125 for and installation for a new car stereo. Now i Can just Do it myself. Thanks

I have a paid subscription to, your site is far superior! Michael

I paid for the '95 chevy cavalier instructions, and it was definitely worth it.  i had started to take off the bottom panels of the dashboard, and couldn't have figured it out.  if i hadn't looked at your site i would have screwed something up, taking every panel off of my car, or else had to buy an expensive book. Jon B.

This worked like a charm.  I am completely un-handy, but I was able to install a Bitzsafe and run all my wires for my XM in a hidden manner with little heartache.  The best $2.99 I ever spent. Jeff

Thank you, it's probably the best instructions for my car. Kevin

To whom it may concern, I just wanted to say how AWESOME your directions were.  I am one of the least mechanically inclined people I know, and thanks to your step by step directions and pictures, I was able to remove the stereo from my Mitsubishi Outlander and hook up a Sirius FM Transmitter in about 10 minutes with no difficulty.  This was the best $5 I ever spent!  Feel free to use this in your testimonials. Sincerely, Rob Long Island, NY

I just wanted to say that your website removal instructions are much appreciated. Bill

Thanks! Made installation a breeze!!!!! Gary


You have no idea how much you helped my fiancé and I install an amp and some speakers. We were thinking if we just looked at the stereo and the surroundings, we would see some bolt, or some answer that would let us get behind our 2001 honda civic ex stereo. The way we had it installed, we couldn't use keys to remove stereo, the whole dash piece needed to come out. Your information helped so much!!!! They were easy steps, and after we found your website we got it off in 5 min, no problem. We would have never figured it out! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sincerely, Rachel

I just bought a '97 Civic EX in April 2003. For a month, my car had free reign over our carport and main driveway, but when I arrived home from a weeklong road trip, I found my parking space to be in use and was forced to park under a tree with long branches. The antenna had been fully extended on my trip, and I forgot to retract it before I backed out from under the tree the next morning. One of the tree branches snagged my antenna and snapped it off backwards. Needless to say, that tree lost many branches in the wrath that followed.

I decided that I'd make this my first repair job ever, and bought a $20 repair manual from Haynes. I took it out of its shrink wrap to find that the antenna replacement section consisted of four steps and one completely vague picture. I was errantly instructed to rip out my entire center console to access the radio's antenna lead, and then told to pull out the antenna mast from the roof of my car. I suspect that nobody at Haynes actually performed this repair, because there was no mention of the in-dash lead connection! Instead of furiously pulling the antenna out of the A-pillar, I decided to look online for some help and found your site. Not only did I find detailed instructions, but I found awesome photo-illustrations and a friendly reminder to put my antenna down next time. I'm definitely going to recommend FCSR to my friends, and I promise that I'll come back to you guys whenever I need stereo work done.

Thank you a million times over for empowering me to get the work done myself. Kindest Regards, Adam B.

Hey guys! Thanks very much for posting your "Toyota Previa '91-97 Car Stereo Removal and Installation guide". I was having a really tuff time figuring out how to get the dash board apart (the Previa dash is a real work of art) I started late and the sun was going down and I just could not figure it out. My 11 year old daughter Hayley was assisting me and soon she started asking if it was time to eat yet! She had done a bang up job of connecting all of the flying leads to a terminal strip between the after market plug for the factory connector and the wiring coming from the connector for the new stereo. I have over twenty years as a low voltage contractor and engineer, but this darn car stereo installation had me stumped! Then I thought, hey someone else has got to have hassled with this problem before, maybe the Internet could help? A quick Google latter and bang , there was your web site with all of your "oh so" helpful instructions! They were just what we needed to proceed with the job. But even after I got the new unit in place it was clear that the flat trim ring of the new stereo was not going to align with the sexy curving front of the dash!   The thing to do was to switch positions with the empty dash pocket so that the stereo with it's flat front edged trim ring was now in the lower squared off section where the dash pocket had been- a simple fix. We got it all back together in no time and then, much to my assistants delight, we turned on the new stereo, cranked up the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" and ordered some pizzas! Thank you again for graciously making your helpful "Removal and Installation guide". Sincerely, Dino

Hi, bought your instructions, and the part, and replaced my light in my radio for my 99 Pont Bonneville SSEI !!!!   Worked like a charm !! Great job and great service you have here !!

I've got to tell you, your website is the most helpful website that I have ever visited. Without your help, I could have never removed my old stereo and installed the replacement. Thanks, guys!

Thank you. After accessing your website on stereo removal, I was easily able to remove the stereo from my Mercedes Benz 300SD turbo diesel.  My vehicle is 25 years old.  The stereo hasn't worked in over 2 years and every "professional" estimated the repair or replacement with labor would easily exceed $250.00.  With the guidance of your website and its accurate and easy instructions I realized that because this car had been jumped 2 years ago, the dealership stated "the battery jump fried the stereo."  Thanks to your website I found that on the rear panel of the stereo a plastic insert covering a fuse, After buying the . 49 cent glass fuse and inserting it the stereo powered up, with perfect sound, the l.e.d. was perfect all functions worked even the pr. antenna functioned perfectly.  Because this Benz is a classic I am so grateful because I wanted everything original and the stereo a (Becker) is very difficult to locate.  And I certainly didn't want to install an after market stereo would have destroyed the smooth balanced lines of the dash and consoles appearance.  Thank you,

Thank you for putting up the website and photos of how to get a radio out of a Pontiac Grand AM.  I have a 1998 and didn't want to pay the $40 to have Best Buy take the stereo out.  With your website I did it myself in 20 minutes! Much appreciated! Damon - Lansing, MI

Just wanted to thank you again as I finally got the time to remove the tweeter & it was exactly as your information took about 5 minutes, and I can listen to my stereo again!  without the info, i would have not done it at all - or I would have spent too much time (and probably broken things) doing it... Regards, Abram

Dude, you kick ass. Thanks sooooo much! Steve

Thank you very mutch Thank´s Thank´s Greetings from Germany Harald

you are awesome. thanks so much.....

Awesome customer service. Thanks for sending me the instructions so quickly. I greatly appreciate it. Aaron 1999 Nissan Altima

Wow! and Thank you! Reinstalled my Acura/Bose system and feel like a new car owner again. I'm going to deal with the teenagers wanting to drive my Acura Legend.....for the sound....... Keep up the good work and will refer friends and colleagues to you all. Another satisfied customer. Pedro

FREAKING AWESOME!!! I was messing with that damn thing for like 3 hours yesterday and I finally caved in and bought your diagram... took me 5min to get the thing off once I looked at the diagram and realized what kind of clips I was dealing with. I kept thinking they were those cheap-o plastic ones that you need a screw driver to pry off and you have to always worry about snapping... once I got one loose ripping the whole dash off was a breeze. Thanks guys, best 5 bucks I have spent in a LONG time -Blake - Phoenix, AZ

I DID IT!!! Thanks so much for the easy instructions. Thanks again, Jeff

Thanks a lot for the pictures you have sent me to remove the stereo out of my lexus and getting it fixed. super job done by you guys. thanks Paul

Excellent site! I'll be visiting often. James

Thanks - It worked great!!  Well worth the $5. Rom

Awesome! Thank you

friggin fantastic!!! got it installed this morning in 1 hour! thanks!, stephen

Thanks for the site, great idea and a great price. Kevin

I am very impressed in what you have done. It is very much appreciated! I will recommend your company if any of my friends need instructions.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the instructions you sent me to remove the stereo from my Dodge Durango. I was able to remove it for repair and button the dash back up in less than 30 minutes. The Dodge dealer quoted me a minimum of $150 !!....You saved me over $140 ...Thanks Jack Southern Shores NC

This is a great site!. It's the second time i have use it to do repairs on firstly my BMW, and now my partners Renault. Keep up the good work, and many thanks. Cj Belfast

Thank You Excellent removal instructions Dick

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the great directions for $2.99. It was well worth it. Not in a million years would I have figured out how to remove the dashboard on my 1999 Concorde. I had replaced the right door speaker only to find out that the dash speaker was cracked as well.  I chose to just take it out. Sounds just as good without it. Besides Chrysler wants $79.00 plus tax for a tweeter. Bah! Anyway, thanks a bunch! David

Thanks! You guys have a great site and have saved me tons of time. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Again ! Great info. will buy from u again !!!   Thanks

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