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Do It Yourself Repair
C33 DIN US AND C43 DIN US Car Stereos

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BMW Car Stereo Repair Do It Yourself


Do It Yourself Repair for this BMW Car Stereo

 BMW DIY car stereo repair for models C33 DIN US and C43 DIN US. Common problems, dim display, no display, no back light, poor/distorted FM or intermittent FM. Check your model number to be sure instructions are applicable.

We have Car Stereo Removal pages posted to the website. This is a considerable savings even with the help of our repair instructions.

This BMW stereo is manufactured by Alpine. There is no technical support or service literature available. Alpine's contract states this stereo is a dealer repair/exchange only. We have spent many hours to understand, troubleshoot and repair these problems.

You will need some electronic experience to follow our procedure. Tools needed for the repair, Philips screw driver, flat head screw driver, small wire cutters, solder iron, solder, and a de-soldering tool. You MUST have electronics and soldering experience to have a chance at completing these repair instructions successfully. We are not responsible for your attempt at repairing your car stereo.

In rare cases where parts are needed, we will supply the part number and contact for ordering.

Our instructions have over 60 pictures with a step by step process.


My stereo had both of the common problems--a dim display and sometimes distorted or no FM reception.  The repair instructions were easier to follow than the assembly of some children's toys, with pictures clearly detailing each step of the process.  The repair can be performed by anyone with a little patience and some soldering experience.  My stereo is fully functional now; not only can I tune in FM stations, I can read the display to see what station I'm listening to!!    Mike B.

The instructions posted hit the problem dead on, no display. I was able to follow the instructions with what little electronic experience I have. Installed the stereo and IT WORKED!
Tom R.

BMW Car Stereo Repair Instruction, $19.99

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BMW Car Stereo Removal Instructions

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