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Mercedes Benz Car Stereo Volume Control Repair
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Becker and Alpine Radios  
Mercedes Benz Repairing Volume Control This repair does not require removal of the car stereo. We have removed this stereo from the Mercedes to aid in taking pictures for this repair. The following process is a simple Do-It-Yourself repair for an erratic volume control. The control may seem to stop working, works sporadically with many turns, or does the opposite function when the control is rotated.

There are two manufacturer's for this style stereo, Becker and Alpine.

Mercedes How to Repair Car Stereo 1.1) Grasp the knob on the face of the stereo.
MBZ Broken Volume Control Repair

2.1) Pull knob to remove.

Note - The knob removal is a simple process. However, this knob also has a common problem. The plastic in the base can crack and cause the same erratic volume control issues. Check the base of the knob for cracks where it mates to the shaft of the volume control. We have seen the knob glued to the shaft rheostat and unable to be removed.

The knob's outer rubber coating can be sticky and deteriorate. Becker car stereo replacement knob part number is Q-4-82-0112. Purchase at your local Mercedes parts department. This is a valid part number even if the dealership says differently.
Merceds Repair of Erratic Volume Control DIY 3.1) Knob removal allows access to the volume control rheostat.
DIY Erratic Volume Control Repair

4.1) Pictured is a removed volume control rheostat.

Note - (Again, removal of car stereo and rheostat is not needed. This repair process can be attempted while car stereo is still in dash.)
This is a surface mount rheostat. (The base of the rheostat is green.) When the control is turned it sends a pulse to the microprocessor in the stereo. Depending on the direction the control is turned, the microprocessor adjusts the volume level. The volume problems mentioned in this DIY can be caused by a dirty rheostat.

Repair Volume Control for Mercedes DIY

5.1) Spray a "Control/Contact Cleaner" into the top of the opening, just above the shaft at the base of the rheostat..

Note - Spraying at the top of the rheostat will allow gravity to take affect and the chemical to enter the base of the rheostat.

5.2) Rotate control and repeat this step several times.

Mercedes Benz Car Radio Repair Do-It-Yourself

6.1) Align knob with rheostat shaft and push into place.

Note - Most cases, this process takes care of all the problems mentioned above. On rare occasion, this is a repair issue and may require being sent to our shop for repair. See our Shipping Form before sending for repair.

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