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Audi Bose Speaker Enclosure and Bose Amplifier Removal

1.1) Loosen the three torx screws under the arm rest, (4mm Allen), they are not removed but loosened. They relieve pressure on a clamping mechanism.

2.1) Remove the arm rest by pulling out and up from the bottom.
2.2) Slide the switch panel out of the armrest as you remove it.
3.1) Disconnect all the switches and push the wires through the hole.
4.1) Remove the two screws at top of the door panel, one at each side.
5.1) Remove one screw concealed by the door latch handle.
6.1) Slide the door latch trim to the forward to loosen the assembly.
6.2) Disconnect the door lock switch and the handle linkage.
6.3) Remove the latch assembly.
7.1) Remove one screw exposed from removing the latch assembly.
8.1) Pull bottom of panel forward to release clips and work up the sides releasing clips.
8.2) When free, lift panel up clearing the manual door-lock pin and out to remove panel from door.
8.3) Remove four screws securing Bose enclosure. Watch for spacers fitted between the door frame and enclosure.
See our Shipping page and BOSE AMPLIFIER Repair Rates.
Audi Rear Bose Amplifier / Speaker Removal and Installation
Audi Speaker Removal, Replacement, Install and Bose Amp Repair 1) Disconnect power plug.
2) Remove four screws securing Bose speaker, speaker basket and Bose amplifier.
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