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Audi A4 How to Remove and Install Rear Deck Speaker

Speaker Removal and Replacement

1.1) From trunk, disconnect center brake light connector. Release trigger on connector and remove.
2.1) Lower rear seats.
2.2) Gently lift right corner of rear deck panel edge up to clear over side panel.
3.1) Gently lift left corner of rear deck panel edge up to clear over side panel.
4.1) Gently slide your arm under center of panel and move side to side, this releases all deck panel clips. Be careful and take your time so you do not crease or crack the panel. All clips release with pressure.
5.1) Lift leading edge of rear deck panel and pull toward front of car.
6.1) With seat belt straps attached to rear deck panel, move panel side to side for access to rear speaker.
7.1) Lift tape next to speaker for access to speaker connector, release trigger on connector and disconnect.
7.2) Remove screws securing rear deck speaker and remove. Repeat for opposite side.
Bose Amplifier Removal, Repair and Replacement
How to Remove Audi A6  Rear Bose Amplifier DIY 1) Bose amplifier is located in trunk.
2) Remove three screws securing unit to bottom of package shelf.
3) Disconnect connecters.
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