Chevrolet Astro Van / GMC Safari Car Audio

Car Stereo Removal

1.1) Pull open side panel.
2.1) Gently pull dash trim panel forward.
2.2) Disconnect connectors.
2.3) Lift right side of panel up allowing access to to car radio.
2.4) In some cases, the AC vent will unclip while removing panel. Set to side and clip back into place on panel. Bottom left side of panel may have to be inserted behind lower dash before placing panel back in place.
3.1) Push down on releases on each side of car radio and pull forward to release from dash.
3.2) Disconnect antenna and connectors.
Speaker Phasing
Installing Aftermarket Speakers and Proper Hook-up
Troubleshooting Poor Reception and Antenna Replacement
With aftermarket stereo installation?
Front and Rear Speaker Removal presently not available.

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