Chevrolet Caprice Classic Car Stereo / Speaker Removal

1.1) Remove screws along top edge of trim panel above gauges.
2.1) Remove screw from cavity below dash.
3.1) Remove screws along bottom edge of bottom kick panel.
4.1) Remove bottom panel by releasing clips.
5.1) Open glove box and gently pry trim panel from dash.
6.1) Remove exposed screws from panel removal.
7.1) Release glove box door panel hold from slot.
7.2) Remove dash trim from dash and car stereo.
8.1) Loosen 10mm bolts securing car stereo to dash.
8.2) Pull car stereo from dash, disconnect antenna and connectors.
Most common stereo problem, speakers snap, crackle, pop or high pitch squeal or no sound. See Car Stereo Repair for Bose amplifier repair.
Speaker Phasing
Installing Aftermarket Speakers and Proper Hook-up
With aftermarket stereo installation?
Erratic Volume Control
DIY Repair
Chevrolet Caprice Classic Front Speaker Removal

Front Door Speaker Removal


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Bose Amplifier Removal

Rear Speaker Removal presently not available.

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