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How to Remove and Replace Front Speaker
1.1) Remove screw from bottom of hand hold cavity.
2.1) Locate screw cover in door open handle cavity.
3.1) Pry side of cover to swing open for access.
4.1) Remove exposed screw.
5.1) Insert pry tool into back edge of control panel on arm rest.
6.1) Pry back edge of control panel up to release.
7.1) Grasp back edge of control panel.
8.1) Pull control panel back.
9.1) Pulling control panel back release hook at front edge from door panel.
10.1) First connector on control panel.
11.1) Squeeze trigger on connector into connector to release and remove.
12.1) Squeeze trigger on next connector into connector.
13.1) Release and remove connector.

14.1) Squeeze trigger on next connector into connector.
14.1) Release and remove connector.

Note - Passenger side control panel has less connectors.

15.1) Remove control panel and set to side.
16.1) Remove screw bottom front edge of door panel.
17.1) Remove screw bottom back edge of door panel.
18.1) Pry top front edge of small panel from door releasing clip. Clip releases with pry pressure.
19.1) Hold top front edge of panel in previous step back from door and lift door panel up to release from door.
20.1) Guide door panel up over door lock and pull top of door panel away from door for access to back of door panel.
21.1) Locate door open handle cable.
22.1) Cable is secured to door with lock.
23.1) Swing door cable lock to side to release cable.
24.1) Lift cable up out of door handle assembly.
24.1) Remove door panel and set to side.
25.1) Remove screws securing speaker to door, remove and disconnect.
26.1) Check top front edge of door for remaining clip, clip may not have released from door.
27.1) Pry clip from door.
28.1) Place clip into slot on door panel ready for reinstallation.
29.1) Door panel has hooks that secure the panel to the door.
30.1) All door panel hooks mate to slots in door and must be aligned when installing door panel.
31.1) Align door lock to door panel before pushing door panel down to lock into place..

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