GMC Canyon Car Stereo and Speaker Removal and Install
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Most common stereo problem for single and 6 CD players, CD clicks while attempting to eject, will not play or accept CD's. See Car Stereo Repair.
How to Remove and Replace
GMC Canyon Car Stereo
Front Door Speaker and Tweeter Removal and Replacement 
Factory Wire Color Codes
See Diagrams Below
Aftermarket Wire Color Codes
See Diagrams Below
How to Installing Aftermarket Speakers

Speaker Phasing
Installing Aftermarket Speakers and Proper Hook-up

Speaker Phasing
Font Left   Front Right
+ Tan   + Light green
- Gray   - Dark green
Rear Left   Rear Right
+ Brown   + Dark blue
- Yellow   - Light blue


With aftermarket stereo installation?
Erratic Volume Control
DIY Repair
GMC Canyon - Wire Diagrams - Wire Color Codes
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Wire Diagrams, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Corvette, Geo, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn.
Aftermarket stereo installation? Why purchase the aftermarket wire harness? Installation is easier, no guess work with wire color codes and a Headache Saver! Factory wire colors codes are not universal. See Aftermarket Videos above.
We discourage cutting the factory wire harness.
This section aids in troubleshooting and determining wire color codes, phasing for speaker hook up, locating power wires for installing external devices and add-ons.
Diagrams may not be applicable to Bose Audio Systems
GM Wire Harness Diagram, Wire Color Codes and Pin Configuration Wire color codes and wire diagrams
IMPORTANT - There are two (2) yellow*, two (2) gray and two (2) brown wires in this harness. Locate the +12 volt constant wire first. Label it or splice to constant wire on aftermarket stereo first. Swapping yellow wires will cause damage to any aftermarket stereo. Check fuses if your unable to find +12 volts.
1   Gray Left Front Speaker (-)
2   Tan Left Front Speaker (+)
3   Dark Green Right Front Speaker (-)
4   Light Green Right Front Speaker (+)
5   Black Ground
6   Brown Illumination
7   Gray Dimmer
8   Blank  
9   Yellow* (Green) Switched +12 volts
10   Orange Constant +12 volts
11   Light Blue Right Rear Speaker (-)
12   Dark Blue Right Rear Speaker (+)
13   Yellow Left Rear Speaker (-)
14   Brown Left Rear Speaker (+)
Wire Codes and Pin Lay Out on Back of Factory Car Stereo

Wire color codes, wire diagrams, connectors and configuration
Note the location of the connector "Keys" in yellow.


1 Ground
2 Right Front Speaker (+)
3 Right Front Speaker (-)
4 Left Rear Speaker (-)
5 Left Rear Speaker (+)
13 Illumination
14 Right Rear Speaker (+)
15 Right Rear Speaker (-)
16 Left Rear Speaker (-)
17 Left Rear Speaker (+)
21 Dimmer
23 Switched +12 Volts
24 Constant +12 Volts
All wire diagrams and color codes are not 100% accurate.
Rear speaker removal and installation presently not available

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