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GMC Envoy
 Car Stereo Removal

Most common stereo problem for single and 6 CD players, CD clicks while attempting to eject, will not play or accept CD's. See Car Stereo Repair.
Front Door Speaker Removal Troubleshooting
Rear Door Speaker Removal Troubleshooting

Speaker Phasing
Installing Aftermarket Speakers and Proper Hook-up

Speaker Phasing
Font Left   Front Right
+ Tan   + Light green
- Gray   - Dark green
Rear Left   Rear Right
+ Brown   + Dark blue
- Yellow   - Light blue
With aftermarket stereo installation?
Erratic Volume Control
DIY Repair
GMC Envoy Front Dash Speaker Removal Instruction Guide
1) Gently pull top edge of side pillar panel from vehicle releasing clips.
1) Pull side panel down and back away from front dash to remove.
1) Repeat steps for driver's side pillar side panel and remove.
1) Gently pry front dash panel from dash.
1) Work you way across dash releasing all clips.
1) Lift back edge of panel up and pull toward back of vehicle to release and remove.
1) Remove screws securing front speaker to dash and remove.

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