Lexuse CD Changer and Amplifier Removal and Installation Lexus SC300 and SC400 CD Changer and Nakamichi Amplifier
Removal and Installation
1.1) Remove mat and spare tire cover along bottom of trunk.
1.2) Remove three clips along edge of panel toward front of car.
2.1) Remove one clip on edge of panel along back of car.
3.1) Pull edge of rear panel back away from side panel.
4.1) Pull edge of side panel away from car, feed emergency gas cover cable and tap through slot in side panel.
4.2) Remove side panel and set to side.
5.1) Remove four bolts securing CD changer to side of car.
5.2) Remove CD Changer.
6.1) Remove exposed screws on remaining mounting plate for CD changer.
6.2) Nakamichi Amplifier is located under mounting plate.

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