Mercedes Benz Car Audio - Speaker Removal and Replacement

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Mercedes Benz
Speaker Removal and Replacement

Rear Speaker Removal presently not available.
Erratic Volume Control
DIY Repair
Stereo asks for code intermittently, will not turn on or turns on and powers off?
E-2 Error Code or Stereo Asks for CodE This problem has been troubleshot to poor connections on the fuses in the fuse box located under the hood, driver's side. Access the fuses panel, twist each fuse in it's holder. This will clean the contacts at both ends of the fuse and fuse holder. Process may bring the stereo back to a more reliable working condition. However, this may not be the fix for all problems.

Bose Amplifier Removal

1.1) Lift driver's seat forward for access.
2.1) Lift cover to pocket behind driver's seat.
3.1) Remove four torx screws securing Bose amplifier to subwoofer enclosure.
4.1) Locate connector at end of Bose amplifier.
5.1) Squeeze connector trigger toward connector to release.
6.1) Swing end of connector away from amplifier.
7.1) Release hook at opposite end of connector to remove.
8.1) Remove amplifier.
With aftermarket stereo installation?

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