Toyota Solara Car Radio and Speaker Removal and Replace

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Toyota Solara Car Stereo Removal
Toyota Solara Camry factory car stereo replacement, repair and removal. Toyota Supra Factory Car Stereo Removal and Installation
Removing, replacing and repairing factory car stereo. 1.1) Remove ash tray.
1.2) Remove two exposed screws.
Toyota Camry Solara factory car stereo repair, replace, and remove 2.1) Remove two exposed screws at top of ash tray assembly.
Toyota Camry factory car stereo removal, installation and repair. 3.1) Pull ash tray holder assembly from dash, disconnect light from assembly.
Toyota Solara factory car stereo, radio and cd player repair. 4.1) Remove one screw left of car stereo from under dash.

*NOTE - when reinstalling front car stereo trim panel, be sure tab goes back into dash above lower

Removing, repairing and replacing factory car stereo. 5.1) Remove screws along side of dash trim insert.
Toyota Solara factory car stereo replacing, removing and installing. 6.1) Lift dash trim insert up starting at back of gear shift, pull entire trim from dash, up and over gear shift and turn to left for access to car stereo.
6.2) Remove four screws securing car stereo to dash.
6.3) Pull car stereo forward, disconnect antenna and connectors.
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